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How to Service Your Lawn Mower

Most of the lawnmower owners outsource their lawn mower servicing. However, you can easily get the best from your machine by servicing it yourself. All you need are the right tools for the job.

broken lawn mowerThe maintenance procedure will change depending on the type of lawnmower which you have.

One thing which is for sure is that depending on your usage, regular maintenance should always be conducted on the lawnmower. This will help you in operating it at a steady pace quite easily.

  1. Self-propelled walk-behind:

Even the best walk behind mower needs a proper maintenance from time to time. We will today share with you a few steps which you have to follow during the maintenance routine.

  • The 1st thing which you have to do is to check the spark plug for wear and tear. Ideally, you should do that after every 100 hours of usage.
  • You have to also think about changing the oil in your lawnmower. In most of the cases, after every 50 hours, the level of oil will be pretty low in the lawnmower. This is the reason why you have to not only check it but you have to refill it. Also, it is a better idea to drain of the earlier oil with the help of the drain plug.
  • You have to also think about cleaning the filter in order to ensure that the lawnmower can operate without any obstructions.
  • lawn mower repairsYou have to add fuel to the lawnmower. In case, it is an electric lawnmower, you have to charge the battery of the lawnmower.
  • You have to also look at the condition of the blades and if needed, you have to sharpen them.
  • You have to look at tires to find out whether it is in perfect condition or not.

This is the normal schedule for maintenance which you have to follow.

  1. Riding mower:

With the riding lawnmowers, the procedure might change a bit. Also, the riding lawnmowers require a higher amount of maintenance. The procedure which you have to follow includes:

  • You to 1st and foremost check the spark plug for any wear and tear.
  • You have to not only refill the oil but you have to also change the oil filter as well.
  • It is a better idea to replace the air filter in every round of maintenance.
  • riding mower repairYou to also add some fuel stabilizer to the lawnmower to ensure that the wear and tear is on the lower side.
  • You have to check the blades for sharpness.
  • You to inspect the entire deck in order to check the wear and tear.
  • You will also look at the pressurization as well as the air in the tires.

In order to ensure that the performance of your riding mower remains up to the mark, it is a good idea to follow this maintenance routine from time to time.

My favorite is my D105.

Only once you are able to maintain your lawnmowers from time to time, you can expect superior performance from them. Also, this will ensure that there is no disruption during the regular usage of the lawnmower.