tools for lawn mower repair

Essential Tools Needed For Lawn Mower Repair

Most of the people ignore the repair and maintenance needs of a lawnmower. You need to keep in mind that only when you have the right tools, it becomes easier for you to complete the any repair that is needed.

You can even hire someone to complete the mower service from time to time.

When you’re doing it yourself, it will become easier for you to maintain your lawn mower in perfect condition.

The number of tools needed to repair a lawnmower are plenty. Most of them, however, are for engine repair.

The main part of the lawnmower which requires a significant amount of maintenance is the engine.

Due to this reason, you have to always 1st procure the tools for repairing the engine.

essential mower repair tools

  1. Ignition spark tester:

Many times, your lawnmower just won’t start. In such a case, it is not the engine which gives the problem.

ignition spark testerIn most of these cases, it is the spark plug which is not able to ignite the engine.

In such a case instead of just replacing the spark plug, it is a better idea to 1st test to the spark plug.

The ignition spark tester will try to start the engine with another source of ignition.

If indeed, that happens the spark plug is faulty. Thereafter, you can easily change the spark plug.

  1. Clutch puller:

In case, the clutch is the problem, clutch puller will help you in removing the clutch entirely.

You need to; however, keep in mind that before using it, you have to make sure that clutch has the exact problem.

Once you have made sure of that, it will become easier for you to remove the clutch. In the process of removing the clutch, it will be damaged.

This is the reason why you have to be double sure that clutch is the problem before using clutch puller.

  1. Spark plug wrench:

The spark plug wrench will help you in fitting the spark plug in the engine.

It will automatically help you change a faulty spark plug. Also, you do not need any specific skills in order to use this tool.

  1. Blade removal tool:

lawn mower blade removal toolMany times, the blade can break down or it might not be sharpened.

In such a case, you can easily remove the blade and sharpen it.

You can think about replacing the blade as well.

Blade removal tool can help you in easily loosening up the blade for removal.

  1. Seal installation:

This particular tool can be used for removing as well as installing the carburetor seal. It is pretty easy to use and can help you in easily removing the seal when needed.

Thus, whether you’re using a ride-on mower or a push mower, it is important to 1st procure all the tools needed for proper maintenance.

Only once you are able to maintain the lawnmower properly, it will become easier for you to use it on a regular basis.

Maintaining the lawnmower yourself will also save you a lot of money in maintenance costs.

Basic Tools You Need for Lawn Mower Repair Video

john deere lawn tractor D105

Why I Bought a John Deere D105 Lawn Tractor?

Personally, I like my machines to be reliable and sturdy. This is the reason why when I was looking for best riding lawn mower rather than a walk behind mower, I went for the John Deere D105 Lawn Tractor. John Deere D105 Lawn Tractor is superior to many other lawnmowers in various aspects like requiring less servicing.

D105 from John deereI hardly ever use my TOOLS to fix it as it never breaks down.

When I compared this lawn tractor with some of the other options, there were quite a few differences which swayed my decision in its favor.

  1. 42-inch deck:

It was one of the main reasons why is choose this lawnmower. With 42 inches of cutting deck, it becomes easier to tackle larger lawns quite easily.

It can easily help me handle lawns of up to 4 to 5 acres quickly. This was one of the main reasons why I chose this lawnmower.

With a large cutting deck, I do not have to spend significant time doing the rounds of the lawn to trim it.

  1. Decent speed:

The lawnmower can reach speeds of 5.5 mph. Personally, for me; it is more than enough to cover the entire lawn in a short duration.

Also, at the speed, I am also able to get precise control which is the reason why I like lawn tractor so much.

  1. Height adjustment:

    John Deere D105 front view

Not always, you will be looking to cut the grass up to the same level. Hence, when I normally look for a lawn tractor, I always look at the capability to adjust the height.

With particular lawn tractor, it is easy to adjust the blade height from 1 inch to 4 inches.

The increments are in 0.25 inches. It makes it easier to get the kind of cut which is needed.

  1. Durability:

I like my machines to look good and to be functional for a long period of time.

This particular lawn tractor has a fade resistant panel. It is made from composite material.

It ensures that there is no fear of rusting or denting.

Also, the ventilation throughout the lawn tractor ensures that the engine does not get overheated even with the prolonged usage.

  1. Engine:

The 17.5 hp engine is good enough for me personally. It ensures that the power which is needed in order to tackle the uneven terrain is generated by the lawnmower.

Also, the power of the engine as well as the acceleration can be precisely controlled.

D105 John DeereThis ensures that you will not have to spend a lot of time going back and forth. It is easy to maneuver the lawn tractor. As a result, I selected this lawnmower.

All in all, when you’re comparing it with any other lawn tractor or mower, you will realize that it is much more superior.

In addition, with the need for repairs being completely eliminated owing to its high reliability, it is one of the best lawn tractors which you can get your hands on.